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Paid Social


We view social platforms as more than a place to engage with consumers. Each of these sites is an ecosystem of connected people and brands. Their extensive personalization tools allow us to specifically target the audiences that a brand wants.

When paired with our understanding of what a brand’s target audience is looking for, we are able to deliver the right messaging on the right platform at the right time of day to increase engagement.

However, we go beyond just delivering the ads. We optimize campaigns in real-time through building an extensive testing agenda that evaluates how key messages are resonating across platforms.

This tracking doesn’t just include social engagement; we track against key performance indicators that tie directly back to a brand’s business goals to deliver results, such as optimizing towards store finder visits on a brand’s site.




For each platform, we use our years of knowledge and experience to consider the potential impact for your brand. Each platform has a specific audience, and we’ll determine which one best aligns with your target consumers. This is part of our cohesive digital branding strategy for your company.



Our aim for phase one is to thoroughly understand the needs of our client businesses for their paid social ad budget.

We work with you to determine which key areas are important to your business. Then we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current social media marketing and paid social channels.

This means taking a candid assessment of what you’re doing now and how well it’s working. Sometimes we may find a client is spending money in the wrong places and might get an improved ROI on a different platform.

Other times we find out they just aren’t targeting the right people using the site’s tools, which can be confusing for some people. Or, they may not know yet where they want to use paid strategies, or why.



We discuss actionable tasks in depth and agree on work scopes with you. We will conduct social media marketing competitor analysis to determine how best to position your brand and share our recommendations with you to begin your strategy plan.

This is a great opportunity for you to see the scale of paid social media management you will be receiving, and time, value, brand awareness, and social reach that will benefit you.

different stages of a paid social campaign
paid social agency and the different stages involved in marketing

Define Target Market 

Using your current brand messaging and existing marketing collateral (website, Facebook page, Instagram etc.) and data from other platforms such as Google Analytics, and any previous social campaigns, two key target audiences are defined. Other possible audiences such as people who have previously engaged with your company are used for remarketing campaigns.

Create Buyer Personas

These personas also inform the content strategy for campaigns. Because users interact with each social platform differently, we craft content that aligns to each platform’s role, the best ad format and messaging to use, and what content to champion, whether it’s a photo, video, carousel, story, link, filter, or canvas ad.

things that a paid social agency has to think about
understanding your customers as a paid social agency

Create Social Media Campaigns

Once the key audiences are defined, 3 campaigns can be created. These may include Brand awareness, lead generation, and remarketing. Each of these campaigns may include ad Sets that target the specified audiences, and ads that include the actual ad content.

Monitor and Refine Campaigns 

Each month, Digital Delane will put aside time to monitor and refine your campaigns to ensure they are getting the desired results, as well as staying within the predefined budget.



Once the campaign starts, we implement our testing strategy, optimizing in real-time and shifting dollars between individual ads and platforms as we see key messaging performing well and KPIs being attained. Our testing covers performance by platform, audience, ad type, device, and flighting, giving us a robust picture of a brand’s campaign performance. Our reporting includes insights on performance on each of those parameters as well, giving transparency on spend. This focus on monitoring and refining the strategy based on results works toward improving the ROI of your campaign.

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