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Personal Finance App Go-To-Market Project

A new personal finance super app that seeks to transform how people manage their finances, Newly partnered with Digital Delane to create and execute its go-to-market strategy.


Nevly is a new personal finance app that takes a new approach to managing personal finances and financial health, boasting a focus on decreased fees and more tools that give users more power over their money and more ways to utilize their online banking experience.



Nevly is a newcomer in an increasingly competitive market that is under pressure to innovate constantly while meeting and exceeding high expectations regarding security and trust. Not only did we [Digital Delane] have to understand the requirements and expectations of this market, but we also had to position the new brand in a way that made their USP immediately clear and break through the heavy noise that clutters the FinTech world.

Although the adoption of online banking has skyrocketed, there’s still the challenge of establishing your company as a trustworthy and credible contender when it comes to comparison to industry leaders and pioneers.


During the first phase of this project, our agency team established the several challenges that we faced and worked with the Nevly team on how to navigate certain elements based on what their competitors did and what resources and budget Nevly had at their disposal.

Key Issues Summary

  • • No brand strategy, including brand positioning
  • • Need for brand awareness campaign development
  • • Multi-channel launch strategy and sustainable marketing plan

Our team worked countless hours to understand these key issues and find/create sustainable solutions that aligned with the resources, capabilities, and capacities of both teams.


A GTM Strategy To Shake The Industry

Brand Strategy Workshop

As part of our larger GTM services, we kicked off the first phase of the project with a Brand Strategy Workshop where we spend 2 sessions working with the Nevly team on defining their brand, establishing the guidelines and identity, and then solidifying their brand messaging that will be added to their standard brand identity and used in the initial launch. The workshop consists of sections on the brand’s core, positioning, and persona.

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In addition to general marketing management, certain team members of the agency also served as expert consultants regarding various business matters and initiatives that were or could be related to the current or future marketing activities. The goal of this consultation was to address aspects of the business that might have been out of scope but still affected the company’s bottom line and could integrate with our marketing efforts.

Paid Media

As a part of the GTM strategy, paid media services were executed by the Digital Delane team. The primary goals for the paid media campaigns were to increase the volume of early account signups (waitlist) and further position the brand as a solution for credit repair––credit repair being the key offering that would bring users to the app where they can then be introduced to Nevly’s additional services revolving around personal banking and finances.

Campaigns were broken into 4 segments, targeting users based on their perceived credit situation and their potential customer categorization (core service user, non-core service user, etc.).

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Social Media

Beginning with quick yet thorough planning/preparation, our team planned out a dynamic ongoing social content calendar to serve as a guide for both teams, breaking down the content based on key dates relating to launches, events, and milestones as well as labeling content based on channel and theme/content pillar.

With the content calendar established, we mapped out our inbound and outbound engagement tactics that were to play into each respective algorithm’s favor, making sure that our outbound engagement was hyper-targeted and consistent in efforts to increase visibility in the relevant corners of each platform. Performance was monitored on a daily basis during engagement sessions, then reported during weekly check-ins.

The initial strategy for Nevly was to create and distribute content that touched on the modern mindset around personal finances and how social pressure affected how people manage their money. The goal was not to preach, but to shift perspective and inspire users to be aware of, and adopt, healthier habits in regard to their personal finances.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Nevly website and landing pages were already in place, so our team was responsible for performing an SEO audit and creating a game plan to improve the website’s searchability, speed & functionality, and ranking.

Newly wanted their website and brand to populate in search results relating to credit score improvement, credit repair, credit monitoring, and searches related to personal finances. This meant ensuring that the content on the site, as well as the schema markup, sitemap, meta tags, and all aspects of the website, were aligned with these goals and could be remedied with a quick turnaround.

Email Marketing

As part of the lead nurturing process, we did a complete email marketing setup for Nevly. This setup included the account creation and segmentation of existing contacts, email template design & development, user journey and funnel mapping, email automation, email acquisition from the website and paid media campaigns, and email copy. These processes sequenced together creating a nearly self-sustaining email marketing environment that reduced the amount of manual follow-ups and shortened the acquisition cycle.

With Nevly, there was a heavy focus on email sequencing and automation for transactional emails. Account and user activity needed to be securely and accurately tracked and then set to trigger the appropriate notification or confirmation emails, ensuring multiple points of contact with the user.

Our Results

Influencers Engaged
Days For Complete GTM Launch
Increase in Impressions
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