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Write For Digital Delane Marketing Agency

Write For Digital Delane Marketing Agency

Welcome to Digital Delane! We appreciate your interest in contributing to our platform. At Digital Delane, we aim to offer our audience in-depth and practical guides that empower them to enhance their digital brand and increase visibility and credibility online.

If you possess a knack for writing and a passion for digital marketing, here’s what you need to know to join our team of contributors.

Getting Started

Research Your Topic

Due to our high volume of submissions, not all pitches will be accepted.

To improve your chances, please take note of the following steps:

Familiarize Yourself with Our Process: Before submitting your pitch, it’s crucial to understand our content standards and expectations. We encourage you to read our guidelines to ensure your submission aligns with what we deliver to our readers. Pitches that fail to meet our criteria will not be considered.

Research Your Topic: At Digital Delane, we value originality and freshness in our content. Before crafting your pitch, please spend time on our site to ensure your topic has yet to be covered. You can check out various categories and topics by navigating through the menu options on our site.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to potentially having your content featured on Digital Delane.

We look forward to seeing your unique insights and how they can help grow our readers’ digital presence.

Submission of Original Content

utilize the search bar

It is crucial that you only submit original work. Attempting to submit previously published content is a significant error when writing for Digital Delane. We strictly prohibit the acceptance of non-original or reused content.

Deliver your submission on time.

Once your article proposal is approved, our editorial team will set a deadline and communicate it. We recognize that sometimes schedules need to be adjusted, so if you require more time, please inform us beforehand. Please meet the deadline with prior notification of a required extension to ensure your article is published.

Notification of Acceptance

Should your pitch capture our interest, expect to hear from us. At Digital Delane, we’re continuously crafting new digital marketing strategies and content. We aim to respond to all pitches within one week.

Why Partner with Digital Delane as a Guest Writer?

Joining Digital Delane as a contributing writer is a rewarding opportunity to engage a growing audience of digital marketing enthusiasts and elevate your professional standing in the digital space.

At Digital Delane, we’re more than just an agency—we’re a hub where passionate marketers gather and constantly seek fresh voices. Our platform is an excellent space to share your knowledge and make a lasting impact.

Here’s what you gain by writing for us:

      ➼ You enhanced recognition and visibility for your personal and professional brand.

      ➼ A trusted platform to showcase your authority and industry wisdom.

      ➼ An avenue to significantly increase your social media reach and engagement.

      ➼ The chance to boost your website’s visibility and authority with search engines.

      ➼ The opportunity to introduce yourself with a personal bio and direct links to your business website and social media pages.

Who Are We Looking For?

We’re looking for individuals with a knack for writing articles that captivate, educate, and initiate exciting conversations. If your track record shows you can create engaging and well-crafted content, you’re just who we need at Digital Delane.

Contributors to Digital Delane should have a solid grasp of their subject area and a holistic understanding of digital branding. We want passionate guest authors who can share their insights in an accessible and lively way, effectively teaching our readers.

What Are We Looking For?

Our readers trust us for content that is thorough, useful, and immediate in its applicability. Contributors at Digital Delane must be dedicated to upholding this level of quality.

We invite a variety of writing styles, particularly those that can express a personal, solid perspective and establish a connection with our audience.

Comprehensive Content is Key

Articles for Digital Delane should be detailed, leaving the reader with no questions unanswered. We want our readers to finish an article with a complete understanding of the topic, equipped with new knowledge they can use immediately.

Your work should strive to be the go-to source for your chosen subject online.

Pitching Tips

Keep these essential points in mind when you pitch an article to us:

Topic Choice: Your article should match the interests of our audience. We welcome topics in areas like:

            ➼ Branding

            ➼ Content Marketing

            ➼ Social Media

            ➼ Search Engine Optimization

            ➼ Digital Advertising

            ➼ Online Reputation Management

 Backed by Research: Your claims should be supported with solid data and statistics. Remember to include links to trustworthy sources and ensure all your information is cited.

Keyword Smart: Pick a keyword that people would use to find your topic in a search, and use it in your title and throughout your article. But remember, don’t overdo it.

Cover All Bases: Your article should thoroughly address the topic if you explain how to do something, detail every step, and leave no stone unturned.

More on What We Expect in Your Article

Guides: This should be instructional, offering clear directions, perhaps with templates or checklists.

Best Practices: These should be about techniques or strategies proven to work well.

Tech Tools: If you’re writing about a tool or technology, please advise on how to use it effectively. Note that we don’t accept promotional posts for other products or posts with affiliate links.

What We Don’t Accept

We have a few straightforward rules about what doesn’t cut:

 No Repeat Content: It’s not for us if published anywhere else, including your blog. And if we’ve already tackled the topic, bring something new to the conversation.

Keep Promises: Clickbait is off-limits. Make sure your content delivers on what the headline promises.

Strictly No Hidden Promotions: We don’t publish posts that serve as undercover ads, including those with affiliate links.

Information Over Self-Promotion: Articles that promote your services don’t need to be more suitable. If you include a case study or a call to action for your services, save it for your site. Links to your blog are okay if they’re relevant and add value to the content. Remember, our readers come first.

Current Insights Only: Your submission should be fresh and created for us. We expect content crafted post-approval, not something pulled from the archives.

What else is out of scope?

Not a Newsroom: We’re not the place for articles that read like news releases or cover appointments, contracts, awards, or product announcements. Our readers come for learning and inspiration, not news.

No Vague Offers: Generic “write about anything” offers don’t meet our readers’ needs for expert insights into specific fields.

Actual Authorship: We attribute the content to the writer who submits it, not to any clients you may represent.

Submission Guidelines for Digital Delane

Your article will be considered for publication with Digital Delane only if it meets all of the below criteria:

Topic Relevance: Ensure the subject of your article is valuable to our audience and aligns with topics we deem necessary (refer to our preferred topics list).

Article Quality: The article should be insightful, written in a friendly tone, and provide a clear benefit or learning point for the reader.

Word Count: Your submission needs to be comprehensive, with a minimum length of 2,000 words.

Originality: We accept only new, original content explicitly crafted for Digital Delane. Once your article is published on our site, it must not be republished elsewhere.

Sourcing: Include proper citations for your sources and relevant links that substantiate your points.

SEO: Integrate a specific target keyword to help your article rank better in search engines.

Visual Aids: Provide images, screenshots, or diagrams to illustrate concepts and guide readers clearly through your explanations.

Pitch Consistency: The article delivered should be the one you promised in your pitch – stick to the agreed-upon topic.

Single Topic: When pitching, be concise and propose only one subject to focus on.

Community Interaction: To foster community discussion, be prepared to engage with and respond to comments on your article for at least a week after its publication.

Adhering to these guidelines ensures a smoother submission process and helps us maintain the high-quality content our readers expect from Digital Delane.

Style Guidelines

Though we don’t adhere to a strict style manual for guest contributions, Digital Delane still has expectations regarding the presentation of your article.

Here’s how to ensure your submission grabs and holds our readers’ attention:

Organization: Structure your article. Make it easy to follow & engaging to read.

Formatting: Use formatting tools like subheadings, bullet points, and bold fonts to emphasize main points and directive steps.

Step-by-Step Guides: Provide step-by-step points with corresponding labeled visuals for instructional content. (We can recommend screenshot tools if needed).

Linking: Include links to previous DBI blog posts. You may link back to your website, but limit it to two links.

Paragraph Length: Keep paragraphs short and free of unnecessary filler. Make sure your writing is concise.

Paragraph Structure: Start a new paragraph when shifting focus. Paragraphs may vary in length but should remain on point.

Technical Guidelines

If we decide to move forward with your pitch, please follow these technical requirements:

Google Docs: We only accept submissions in Google Docs format.

Imagery: Submit images and screenshots in a zip folder.

Quality: Ensure any visual elements, such as charts or graphs, are high resolution, and screenshots should be at least 700 pixels wide.

Headings: Use H2 and H3 header styles to structure your article.

9 Article Writing Tips

Captivating Headline: Craft a compelling and clickable headline while remaining accurate.

Actionable Content: Provide practical advice or tips that readers can apply readily.

Visuals: Enhance your article with relevant and legally permissible visual content.

Engaging Flow: Write in a way that’s entertaining and logical.

Tweetable Text: Include short, notable statements that are impactful enough for readers to want to share.

Fresh Insight: Offer new perspectives or support established ones with solid evidence. Avoid rehashing existing content.

Real-World Examples: Use relatable examples to illustrate your points.

Organized Content: Structure your article with subheadings or bullet points for clarity.

Proofread: Verify spelling and grammar meticulously.

Response Time

Given the volume of pitches we receive, please anticipate a response within a week, as our editorial process is weekly.

Tips For a Successful Pitch

Complete the Form: Fill out every section of our pitch submission for

Detailed Explanation: Clearly describe what your article will cover.

Unique Angle: Offer a new perspective or cover an area we haven’t addressed before.

Please familiarize yourself with DBI: Review our blog to understand the content style we prefer.

Send Us Your Pitch!

By contributing to Digital Delane, you’ll tap into a large, growing audience and establish your industry authority. We’re eager to see your ideas, so send us your pitch today!

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