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About Us

Digital Delane
We’re a brand experienced team that understands business.
About Us

Digital Delane is more than just a marketing agency. We’re a team of digital branding experts who never go into sleep mode.

We get that you want to drive sales while establishing and growing your brand. But you’re busy focusing on your business, and probably want to know how we can help, so here it is:

We use digital platforms to bring new brands, campaigns, and ideas to life. With new channels for reaching and engaging consumers shifting as fast as customers’ expectations.  We help brands launch products, reach new audiences, and build awareness fast.

Need help with search engine ranking, social media, email marketing, influencer marketing, or related tasks? We bring it all together, while you focus on your business.

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Our Core Values

There is no shortcut to success, and that philosophy shows in our work. We don’t believe in cutting corners, whether it be in strategy, content, creative, or client relationships. At Digital Delane, we know that digital branding is all about the connections you make with consumers, and we’re here to help. We also believe that the digital world is a series of connections, and we’ve built an ecosystem where we introduce our clients to strategic marketing partners or other opportunities ideal for their brand. Where a lot of folks can leave good enough at good enough, we never could. We’ve perfected our digital branding process, and are always working to improve our clients’ digital footprint.


By being curious we learn. We dive deep beyond the surface into your business and push beyond the “what” or the “when” to get at the “how” and the “why”. Curiosity fuels our marketing strategies.


By giving attention to every detail, we create campaigns that far surpasses the status quo. We give you only the best we can humanly create–because it’s just the right thing to do.


Keeping our promises to you demonstrates our integrity. We also seek to maintain a spirit of transparent honesty in everything we do. That obligates us to tell you when we believe an idea is not in your best interests.


To us, creativity is problem solving, and we believe in solving the impossible. We never settle for the first, easiest, or quickest solution. We carefully analyze, research, and create a custom solution that not only solves your challenge but also helps you stand out.


By thinking and creating together, we combine our strengths to give you a superior campaign. We intentionally maintain a collaborative environment where each team member’s voice is heard, valued, and respected so that their ideas benefit you.

With new channels for reaching and engaging consumers shifting as rapidly as customers’ expectations, we help brands launch products, reach new audiences, and build awareness with speed and efficiency.

Our mission is to build and manage breakthrough brands.


Our team is built with people that strive to live an breath our core values.


Our vision is to fill the world with better brands.

We Believe…

Founders and CMOs are challenged with the ever changing ways in which to optimize their marketing efforts while consumer behaviors are transforming on an almost daily basis. As a result, there is a new demand for an agency that considers the entire customer experience when launching a new brand, campaign, or idea. Digital Delane makes this a requirement, not an afterthought.

Our Process

Where a lot of folks can leave good enough at good enough, we never quite could. We’ve been in this game for years now, and we’ve perfected our digital branding process along the way. This is our process when launching and maintaining high performing digital brands, campaigns, and big ideas.

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Full-Service and Forward Focused
Founder & Chief Strategist

Our Founder is noted as a Top digital thought-leader in several publications and leads the charge for our client’s digital brands. He has over 15 years of leading digital campaigns for top brands.

Account Manager

Our Digital Account Coordinator administers our digital projects and focuses on project organization, ensuring that we deliver only top notch quality.

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Director of Paid Media

Bobby specializes in effective online marketing solutions for our clients to generate more leads, sales, and income. His experience is spread throughout a variety of niche’s; ecommerce, startups, technology, elective medicine

Doria Delgado
SEM Strategist

Our SEM Strategist known for developing strategies for search engine marketing campaigns. She has over 14 years experience and is Google Adword certified.

Account Manager

Shelby specializes in social media & brand building with 5+ years of client-facing experience. She has led the marketing campaigns of several impactful brands.

Digital Strategist

Richard specializes in helping businesses grow their brand online. He is an ex Yelp, Google, and Facebook employee with expertise in all aspects of digital marketing and branding

Social Media Manager

William is an expert social media manager and copywriter. He has managed successful social media accounts and campaigns for many large brands.


Our copywriter is responsible in crafting, editing and proofreading compelling copies of marketing materials for our clients making sure that you don’t just get amazing content but great sales as well.

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Paid Social Specialist

Emmanuel is an experienced paid social specialist and takes the lead in creating strategies and implementing social media campaigns for Digital Delane’s clients.

Account Manager

Kastania has years of experience in digital marketing, advertising, and event planning. She specializes in social media, social content creation, event management, consumer product marketing, and media relations.

Digital and Creative Manager

Mixing her passion for graphic design and her software development expertise, she is able to combine these elements to create visually impactful designs and interfaces – ultimately, making our clients STAND out!


With bachelor’s degrees in both Advertising/Public Relations and Broadcast Journalism, Vivian has worked in both marketing and television.She specializes in expanding an organization’s marketing message and reach.

Client Success Manager

She is experienced providing support to the largest business brands. She helps keep our clients on track by providing superior support.

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SEO Specialist

Our SEO specialist is responsible for ranking websites, driving organic traffic, and bringing value to Digital Delane’s clientele, regardless of what niche he’s working in.

Marketing Manager

Melanie combines the discipline of corporate brand marketing with social media marketing. She’s worked with various industries so understanding consumer behavior and translating that to quality engagement is what she does.


Mian is a full-stack developer with 6 years of experience with a wide variety of technologies. Everything from WordPress blogs and stores to complex social networks. He’s also keen on making complex custom CSS3 and SVG animations.

We’re Always Looking For Digitally Savvy And Passionate People.
Our Truth

Like all revolutions, it brings exciting potential for huge economic benefits for businesses and people alike. But it also brings the challenge of ensuring that no one is left behind.

Unequal technology access. Protectionism. Lack of trust. The shifting landscape of jobs and skills. Inequality. Social justice. Any of these could prevent the democratic spread of technological progress.

The digital economy is creating enormous wealth, but many are losing out.

We can do better.

So, as we strive to be pioneers in the digital revolution, we’ll only ever do things that work for everyone. That’s our commitment to society.

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