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Organic Social Media Marketing


Are you unsure of how to effectively market your brand on social media platforms? We understand that social media marketing is challenging. Social has accelerated the speed of culture, and your brand’s ability to keep up is critical to its long-term success.

How do we do it? As social media strategists, we help your brand establish a unique, dynamic relationship with your audience. Social media is all about conversations and connections, and your digital brand is constantly having a conversation with potential customers, every time they interact with it.

That’s why we develop objective-driven social media strategies, based on solid data. These combine owned, earned, and paid channels to deliver real, measurable results. Check out what we can do for you below.


  Strategy & Insights
  Creative Campaigns
  Community Planning & Management
  Listening & Engagement
  Social Selling

  Content Development & Production
  Media Amplification
  Influencer Engagement Operational Planning
  Analytics & Reporting



Social media is the ultimate distraction. Friends, relatives, news, celebrities, cat videos, and brands all compete simultaneously for the social consumer’s attention. In order to rise above the fray, we developed a social formula that provides value to your audience.

At Digital Delane, we take a deep-dive look at how consumers come together, communicate, and consume information in digital. Then, we use that data to drive activity across your social ecosystem:


If you spend any time on social media, you know it’s full of both ads and every other kind of content, from news articles to funny TikTok vids. In this sea of content, what differentiates your brand from its competitors and provides benefits to consumers? How are you communicating the brand’s purpose within each social channel, while holding the consumer’s attention?

We create story-driven copy, video, and VR content, based on social insights and analysis. As an example, this copy for BrunchBox maintains the brand’s relationship with consumers by using an energetic, fresh voice. It shares their happiness in continuing to serve customers and gratitude for their support. The brand’s upbeat, youthful personality shines through, building enthusiasm for the product without a hard sell. Our experienced digital strategists, creative designers, and copywriters will use insights and analysis to help you create and tell stories like these.


How are you driving engagement and conversation among consumers, advocates, and influencers?

We create organic and media-driven influencer and advocate marketing programs that establish authentic relationships to drive awareness, loyalty, and content creation. One of the ways we stand out in the digital branding arena is to use social listening techniques to find conversations around your brand. Our enterprise tools allow us to amplify those earned conversations on our clients’ platforms, helping them reach a wider audience.


Paid opportunities on social can have big benefits for your brand, but they need to be executed well. Who is the right audience, at the right price, at the right time? How are you amplifying content to reach new audiences?

We develop and implement paid social advertising strategies to increase reach and drive desirable consumer actions by expanding on owned and earned media. Constant analysis and improvement allow us to refine this strategy and amplify results accordingly.

Designed directly for each social platform, we use channel-specific ads to reach your ideal audience. For example, we find Instagram stories work best for some clients, while others benefit from repurposing live streams. Our ability to create all types of content to resonate with your target market will help you reach your social media goals.

We achieve the best results by integrating each of these into a holistic strategy that supports a single shared objective. Using data and analytics, we then create frameworks to optimize the program in real-time and track success against the brand’s predetermined marketing objectives.



What are consumers saying? What resonates with them? Who do they admire in this space? Our process begins with an investigation into your brand’s historical conversation trends and an analysis of content performance to date. Armed with this data, we can form category insights and an understanding of your brand’s consumer culture. We examine these findings in relation to influential voices in the surrounding culture, along with studying search intent and consumer behavior.

Based on all of these findings, we generate a social media playbook that outlines the purpose, direction, and business challenges to be solved. This brief will drive the development of social media strategy, channel-specific plans, and paid media support.



social media strategist

The insights and discovery guide us as we craft The Big Idea – a single unifying theme that will be the foundation for all programs and campaigns across owned, earned, and paid channels.

This primary theme allows us to develop your brand’s character and tone of voice, while outlining how to best activate it on each social platform. We will also map out your brand’s media amplification plan, determining whose influence it will seek to leverage, which consumers can be enlisted as advocates, and which audiences are ripe for targeting through paid media.



With the playbook completed, we now look across all possible touchpoints to maximize its impact. Campaign plans and strategy will provide an overview for editorial communications, and a defined content production schedule for generating compelling communications on a day-to-day basis will be outlined, along with launch timing and dependencies. Each step of the way, we keep you informed of our progress.



Next, we begin implementing the agenda laid out in our playbook –producing and reviewing content, shooting videos, reaching out to influencers, establishing community management, and pursuing paid social amplification. Our creative team begins to develop content for specific audiences, based upon specific behaviors and trends, for specific social platforms. Across these audiences and platforms, we maintain a consistent brand voice—essentially, your brand’s unique, quickly identifiable personality.



As our program rolls out, we continually measure content performance and conversation across the digital ecosystem. This data provides real-time insights to help us optimize KPI’s in relation to business objectives. We capture this analysis in daily, weekly, monthly, and campaign reporting that provides insights to fuel future marketing activities.

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Research Tools

Research tools are a significant part of our technology stack, as they form the basis of our audience analysis and optimization strategy. Our tools range from attribution modeling to retail and POS data to inform and refine our strategic direction.

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