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Empowering Minority Homeownership

Digital Delane provided a suite of marketing and advertising services for Legacy Home Loans that support their goals of closing the wealth gap among Americans through equal opportunity homeownership.


Legacy Home Loans is on a mission to close the wealth gap in America by helping African American families, and their allies build sustainable wealth through homeownership. Their primary goals over the following 5 years were to:

  1. Create 10,000 Black homeowners by 2027 
  2. Develop and train the best mortgage professionals in America 
  3. Circulate $100 million to African American real estate professionals



Legacy Home Loans is on a mission to drastically decrease the gap between minority homeownership and majority homeownership in America, doing so by focusing on key demographics that have the lowest chances of loan approval and providing them with an unbiased opportunity to obtain a mortgage.

This challenge requires the pairing of social and financial solutions, which are becoming easier to navigate on social media with each passing year but can still come with smaller challenges when it comes to marketing messages and targeting.

Additionally, Legacy also wanted to increase the amount of minority, primarily African American, mortgage professionals in the industry, creating a more diverse workforce that decreases the chances of bias or discrimination.


We discovered that Legacy needed an overall marketing plan that broke down into micro strategies for each channel, giving both teams a game plan with clear goals and milestones to work towards.

Key Issues Summary

  • • Lack of social media and email marketing strategies
  • • Marketing messages were not tailored to their key demographics
  • • No established lead funnel that capitalized on organic content or email marketing

Our team worked countless hours to understand these key issues and find/create sustainable solutions that aligned with the resources, capabilities, and capacities of both teams.


A Suite of Solutions

Marketing Management

Digital Delane provided management of all of the overall marketing initiatives, monitoring and revising each marketing channel and their connection to one another. This service also included ad-hoc deliverables and strategy shifts that may not have been included in the original scope of work, along with the man hours and other tools needed to execute these deliverables.

legacy homes social media promotion post creation


In addition to general marketing management, certain team members of the agency also served as expert consultants regarding various business matters and initiatives that were or could be related to the current or future marketing activities. Areas of consultation included CRM and pipeline management, landing page and lead acquisition strategies, tools & tech, and brand management.

Paid Media

As a part of the overall marketing strategy, paid media services were executed by the Digital Delane team. We allocated the advertising budget across multiple channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search Network. The campaigns were broken down into several ad sets based on demographics and location, along with several different conversion and result objectives, and a remarketing campaign was included to further increase the probability of applicant acquisition.

Social Media

Beginning with quick yet thorough planning/preparation, our team planned out a dynamic ongoing social content calendar to serve as a guide for both teams, breaking down the content based on key dates relating to launches, events, and milestones as well as labeling content based on channel and theme/content pillar.

With the content calendar established, we mapped out our inbound and outbound engagement tactics that were to play into each respective algorithm’s favor, making sure that our outbound engagement was hyper-targeted and consistent in efforts to increase visibility in the relevant corners of each platform. Performance was monitored on a daily basis during engagement sessions, then reported during weekly check-ins.

legacy homes social media promotion post creation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Initial SEO work was challenging for this project since there was a library of key terms and phrases that we had to include while being very strategic with negative keywords and phrases as to avoid the wrong kind of traffic. We conducted an extensive competitor analysis, diving deep into the performance of each individual website, compiling our findings into a comprehensive report, and then offering our recommendations on how to move forward with optimizations to match with or surpass the benchmarks of their competitors. Part of this process included mapping the most relevant but high-performing keywords from each competitor and then creating a plan to integrate those keywords, along with a new rigorous negative keyword strategy, into the website changes.

legacy home loans SEO performance

Email Marketing

As part of the lead nurturing process, we did a complete email marketing setup for Legacy. This setup included the account creation and segmentation of existing contacts, email template design & development, user journey and funnel mapping, email automation, email acquisition from the website and paid media campaigns, and email copy. These processes sequenced together creating a nearly self-sustaining email marketing environment that reduced the amount of manual follow-ups and shortened the acquisition cycle.

Our Results

Instagram Followers Gained
Keywords in the Top 10 Search Results
Increase in Conversions
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