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Developing A Brand VOICE
How we revamped Brunchbox’s brand voice to help standout in a crowded marketplace.

Brunchbox is a local burger joint in Portland with a goal to provide fresh, delicious food using local ingredients and friendly service. Brunchbox started as a food cart during the Portland food cart explosion and later on established a chain of brick and mortar locations.

Here’s how we’ve helped Brunchbox establish a social media presence that elevated awareness and drove both new and existing customers to its locations and mobile app.


Social Media Strategy
Brand Strategy
Creative & Content
Paid Search Strategy
Analytics & Optimization


The Portland area is packed with thousands of restaurants offering similar items, all fighting for attention of local customers. In the quick-service restaurant industry, increasing brand awareness is critical and notoriously difficult.


In order to understand how we could help improve Brunchbox’s social media efforts, we first had to explore their previous efforts. We explored their campaign structure and performance to identify areas we could continue to highlight, as well as areas to revamp entirely. We then knew reformulating their social media strategy and updating their brand voice was needed to maximize reach and engage.



WTH is Meches? After analyzing their most underutilized brand asset, we decided to make their brand mascot a prominent feature. He will now take on a major role in communicating Brunchbox’s value and offering on social media.

Revamping Their Brand Voice

We began with identifying the key challenges in their social media communications. Then we outlined how we were going to structure each post as a mix of creative visuals and strong calls-to-action. 

The core objective was to develop a brand voice that resonates with their target audience. We executed a deep psychographic analysis of their target persona, We decided to implement a colorful and playful tone that resembled actor Paul Rudd. Yes, Ant Man :). He has a casual, fun, slightly sarcastic persona and we used him as a guide when revamping their brand voice.

brand development

Creating Mobile App Awareness

After a recent launch of their exclusive mobile app, we developed a creative campaign which generated excitement about the app launch. We also provided guidance around exclusive in-app offers to increase app usage.

Promoting Special Offerings

We use social media to engage with followers and get them excited for the upcoming offerings.

Promoting Menu Items

The objective was to make Brunchbox a fun to follow brand by engaging the followers with interactive posts. We use social media to create enticement around featured menu items.

Seasonal Promotions

Bruchbox is good in any season and we focused on spotlighting that with our themed posts.

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