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Social Media Elevation

Digital Delane was tasked with the mission of shifting Sacred Heart Cathedral’s sports social media accounts to better support and drive their goals of increasing user engagement and surpassing their competition’s online marketing performance.


Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep (SHC) is San Francisco’s premiere catholic high school that services its community through leading academic results, a robust sports program, and a diverse student body.

Digital Delane’s assignment was to work with SHC’s sports department to elevate their athletic social media presence and performance.



SHC has a lot to offer as an academic institution and supporter of the local community, however, when it came to their sports department, they really wanted to level up their marketing efforts to match and surpass that of their rival schools.

Being that SHC is a school, and more importantly, a Catholic school, our team had to be very strategic and conscious with how we went about helping SHC reach its marketing goals.


SHC is big on community, and this value applies just as well to their sports department. We discovered that the sports department’s engagement with both the local community and the student body itself was not at the same level as the other departments. We used social media to help facilitate and maintain new opportunities for engagement.

Key Issues Summary

  • • Lack of social media presence
  • • No structured content creation process or account management process.
  • • Little-to-no emphasis or expression of what makes SHC unique from other schools.
  • • Inconsistent visual aesthetic.

These digital marketing strategies allowed us to review current performance in sales reporting, KPIs, and customer demand within the marketplace, ultimately resulting in success.


Making a Gameplan For Success & Executing

Marshall Executive Education has been a “best kept secret” in the market. Businesses and consumers know USC for undergrad, MBA, film school, recent scandals, and sports.

Rebranding Goals:

  • Create an immersive experience designed to locate, attract, convert, and retain registrants Exec Ed wishes to serve.
  • Align all channels to follow the same strategy, company values, and business objectives.
  • Ensure customers receive the same message, no matter where they encounter our brand.

Social Media

With the SHC athletics social media, we focused our approach on making both engaging visuals and engaging captions. We wanted to inspire users to get fired up about the SHC teams and encourage them to take action. There was a particular emphasis on showing the player’s both on and off the field/court as well as the friends, families, and fans that were present at the games and at practice. Being able to showcase the entire environment allowed us to create a more inclusive and involved feeling when exploring the content across all platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

In addition to our voice and visual approach, we also acquired the domain which we then used as an additional tracking tool specifically for social media and supported our desire to create a more branded experience throughout SHC’s online properties.

Graphic Design

The entire scope of the project was heavily dependent on being able to consistently create and share captivating visuals that aligned with our goals but also upheld the school’s values and guidelines. With that in mind, our graphic designer created over a dozen social media templates that catered to all of the sports disciplines that SHC participates in as well as several content themes.

As you can see in the examples, we sought to use posed, candid, and action photography to create energetic and high-quality graphics that delivered a more consistent visual experience and demonstrated SHC’s level of professionalism in regard to supporting and sharing its athletes.

Video Editing

In addition to still images and custom graphics, we made sure that video played a strong enough roll in our strategy for SHC’s social media. Video content has been at the forefront of content creation and consumption for nearly a decade now and the demand has yet to drop, so we worked with SHC’s onsite members to plan and create video content that was then handover to Digital Delane for editing and posting. We sought to maintain a healthy ratio of still imagery and video content, ensuring that we were touching all of our bases with the content we were creating and sharing.

Our Results

Instagram followers
Twitter followers
Collective engagement rate
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