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 Launching A Revolutionary AI Platform
A dive into how we helped this Seattle-based AI startup establish its online presence, strategize and organize its content marketing, and support its brand development as an industry disrupter.


Relatus is an AI-powered connection platform that uses your multiple online networks to help you get connected with the right people that can help you reach your goals. Ideal for entrepreneurs, founders, recruiters, investors, and anyone who is looking to find their missing puzzle pieces.

Digital Delane worked with Relatus to take their company and position it within the market as the disrupter that it is, using a focus on speaking to the problem rather than boasting about the product.



The Relatus team wanted to prepare for its Beta launch while simultaneously establishing and growing its online presence. Despite being situated well with one of Facebook’s first 100 employees as their founder and other highly notable team members leading the way, Relatus did not have the capacity to carry out this launch. Digital Delane was tasked with creating and executing a strategy to launch and maintain the startup’s brand awareness initiatives.


During the first phase of the project, our team learned the intricacies of not only the product but also the niche that Relatus was working within. Challenges were found and acknowledged through open communication, and our team charged forward seeking and finding solutions.

Key Issues Summary

  • • Product development delays & limited resource allocation
  • • Increasing brand awareness without the initial implementation of paid advertising
  • • Highly-veiled product features that could not be included in marketing material
  • • Showcasing the USP without directly addressing or mentioning any competitors

Our team worked countless hours to understand these key issues and find/create sustainable solutions that aligned with the resources, capabilities, and capacities of both teams.


Making a Gameplan For Success & Executing

Digital Strategy

Relatus’ team was mostly comprised of product developers and support personnel outside of the C-suite, which meant that Digital Delane acted as the in-house marketing team. With that in mind, our team became obsessed with understanding the who, what, where, and why of the Relatus brand, product, and mission.

We used this knowledge to then create an action plan for how, when, and where we would connect and engage with Relatus’ target audience both for the Beta launch as well as for general early adopter acquisition. Relatus had B2C and B2B initiatives and applications, which meant we had to speak to various key personas across various platforms. We did this by focusing on one simple concept: speaking to the problem.

By speaking to the audience’s problem, essentially needing a more effective way of connecting with the right people, we were able to grab attention and bring more awareness to the innovative solution that was the Relatus platform.

relatus digital marketing case study

Social Media

Relatus had a LinkedIn company page that was sporadically updated, but no other social media accounts or other online properties outside of the website. Our team took over the creation and management of other online properties including scheduled posting, inbound and outbound engagement, and analytics reporting. Within days of posting on Instagram, the Relatus account was receiving positive feedback and gaining a conservative following given the fact that a hard launch of the product and brand had not been concretely scheduled.



As a given with nearly every project that Digital Delane does, we built a custom analytics dashboard for Relatus that allowed both our team and their team to track live results from all active marketing channels. These data streams were broken down into sections by channel, ensuring a clear and concise presentation of each channel’s current results. Our team also worked with the development team at Relatus to set and track registered user and active user goals.

This data was consolidated, presented, and discussed on a weekly basis with all active project participants and stakeholders being present in each meeting.

Content Strategy

As a tech startup that wanted to revolutionize the process of online connections, Relatus wanted to create and distribute content that educated, assisted, and inspired those who consumed it. Everything that Relatus shared should be steeped in value, whether practical or philosophical.

In collaboration with the Relatus CEO, our team helped create a content strategy that expanded on the concept of speaking to the problem, including items such as key content pillars, information & research sources, and high-value channels for distribution.



The Relatus website was visually stunning and technically powerful structure when Digital Delane was brought on. Our team added value but aiding in the form of SEO writing, restructuring some areas of the existing website while adding new content pieces for improved SEO performance.

In collaboration with the Relatus CEO, our team helped create a content strategy that expanded on the concept of speaking to the problem, including items such as key content pillars, information & research sources, and high-value channels for distribution.

Relatus SEO


As mentioned before, the Digital Delane team served as an extension of Relatus’ in-house environment and because of this structure, our team was able to provide considerable input regarding various internal and external initiatives that were not directly related to the scope of Digital Delane’s work.

Our Results

Increase in Impressions (All Social)
Increase in Engagement (All Social)
Increase in Following (All Social)
Increase in Content Reposts (LinkedIn)
Increase in Website User Engagement (compared to the previous quarter)
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