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Design, Strategy, & Conversions

Digital Delane worked with Tyson Group on enhancing the user experience and interface of their website, optimizing their internal CRM, and driving more conversions through paid ads.


Tyson Group offers expert sales consulting and customized training for companies’ individual needs by employing an innovative approach to team development while cultivating talent that yields measurable results. Using predictive analysis, they assess sales teams to determine what tools are needed to excel in their role and help drive revenue and exceed goals.

Digital Delane came on board to help Tyson Group optimize and enhance several internal and external aspects of its business initiatives.



Tyson Group is one of the industry leaders in sales training and development, however, they needed a digital partner to help optimize their website and increase the effectiveness of their digital sales funnel. Tyson Group was creating and distributing content and had several ad campaigns running, but they wanted to improve on the results they were getting.

Digital Delane was responsible for providing the necessary skills and experience to plan, develop, and execute the deliverables that were required to achieve the desired results.


During our first few discovery sessions with Tyson Group, we unveiled some discrepancies in their ad campaigns, crucial website optimizations that needed to be made, and their CRM was not set up to streamline their lead generation and sales funnels.

Key Issues Summary

  • • Paid advertising was not diverse enough based on their target audience
  • • Landing pages needed to be restructured and diversified
  • • Paid advertising resulted in a lot of ghost or spam clicks

Our team worked countless hours to understand these key issues and find/create sustainable solutions that aligned with the resources, capabilities, and capacities of both teams.


Multichannel Optimization & Funnel Consultation

Website UX/UI

Most internet users have relatively high expectations when it comes to their experience on any given website, especially when it comes to the business world. The Digital Delane team set out to execute and consult on some of the changes that we deemed were necessary to hold up to those expectations. These changes were related to things such as CTA placement, the simplifying of the information architecture for each page, mapping the overall user journey, and general functionality crosschecks.

On top of the UI/UX, our team also spent time focusing on conversion rate optimization and how Tyson Group could reduce their bounced users and session dropoffs and increase the number of lead conversions through the site without relying solely on direct traffic to their landing pages from ad campaigns.

Tyson group website UX/UI design sample


Tyson Group wanted to improve its ranking in comparison to several of its competitors. We conducted an extensive competitor analysis, diving deep into the performance of each individual website, compiling our findings into a comprehensive report, and then offering our recommendations on how to move forward with optimizations to match with or surpass the benchmarks of their competitors. Part of this process included mapping the most relevant but high-performing keywords from each competitor and then creating a plan to integrate those keywords, along with a new rigorous negative keyword strategy, into the website changes.

Tyson Group SEO case study image

Creative Direction

The Tyson Group team are expert on sales strategy and the art of persuasion, but Digital Delane added value by assisting them with identifying their creative direction in regard to both visual and textual content. This meant further solidifying their content pillars and increasing their branded-content efforts, resulting in more lead magnets and improve SEO ranking that further increased brand awareness.

CRM Consultation

Tyson Group’s chosen CRM platform is HubSpot, so we used our team’s extensive experience with the platform to find more streamlined approaches to moving incoming leads down the pipeline, as well as helping Tyson Group utilize more of HubSpots automated marketing capabilities that reduced the number of resources needed for lead nurturing.

In addition to the technical side of the CRM, we also comprised a strategy for their sales team to acquire more leads through digitally progressive and aggressive tactics such as direct outreach through individual accounts and greater pushes for discovery calls.

Paid Advertising

Tyson Group had been running online advertising campaigns for a while before partnering with Digital Delane, however, they were running into issues with false clicks that were eating the budget and resulting in a false perception of campaign performance.

Digital Delane made updates to the landing pages using competitor landing pages are success references, then we made campaign optimizations and monitored them heavily to ensure that spam and other false clicks were reduced. While this resulted in a lower amount of clicks, it allowed us to obtain a truer data outlook and decrease the amount of money spent on false clicks.

Tyson Group paid advertising banner creation by digital delane
Tyson Group paid advertising banner creation by digital delane
Tyson Group paid advertising banner creation by digital delane


Strategy played a heavy role in the work that we did for Tyson Group, from CRM and sales to paid media and creative direction. The most important strategy initiative that we offered Tyson Group was the automated LinkedIn outreach strategy that served as a lead generation powerhouse. We comprised a plan that enabled Tyson Group’s sales team, along with their company figure and CEO, to use their LinkedIn profiles to automatically connect with and message users that fit into Tyson Group’s key persona demographics based on the information from their LinkedIn profiles. This shifted the resource allocation from lead generation to lead nurturing, creating more opportunities for conversions.

Our Results

Increase in Ad Impressions
Decrease in CPC
Increase in Site Traffic
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