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What does a digital marketing agency do For Your website

Today, chief marketing officers and managers have a difficult job. You need to communicate your brand’s core competencies to the target market across a variety of mediums, most of them online. New platforms appear and become popular seemingly overnight, and it’s necessary to constantly reevaluate your marketing mix. Often, there are some tasks that your own staff doesn’t have time to do fully, or you may not have any employees with the right combination of specialized skills for some jobs.

Many managers in this position turn to a digital marketing company to address overflow and enhance the in-house department’s marketing efforts. A digital marketing company should never replace the in-house marketing team because you and your staff have the time, knowledge, and experience that comes from working only on your brand. Instead, the digital marketing company should partner with you to elevate and streamline your digital marketing strategy and tactics.

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What is the Current State of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a complex process designed to identify and reach a target market with your brand messages through various online channels, the popularity of which may change rapidly. As the internet has evolved over the years, so have many brands’ marketing strategies. It’s essential to keep checking on the results of your efforts because the online landscape changes frequently, and it’s easy for a brand to be left behind.

A full-service digital marketing agency like Digital Delane can help clients with any and all stages of the digital marketing journey. Some businesses only need help in one particular area, while others could use assistance in several areas. Here are some of the reasons CMOs commonly consult us and why a digital marketing company may be helpful to your brand:

A Need to Increase Organic Traffic to a Website or Landing Page

This is a very common challenge for marketing managers. Sometimes a website or landing page just isn’t getting the numbers you need. You’ve adjusted your ad strategy and SEO, but it’s still not working. There may be a number of reasons for this, and a digital marketing company team will analyze your current situation to identify issues. Then they’ll recommend a solution, which can range from altering your SEO strategy in a new way to different advertising methods to changing your email marketing efforts.

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Increased Consumer Needs for Customization

Another change brought about by the digital marketing evolution is the consumer expectation that marketing will be aimed at them personally. You know how it goes – you look at something online and see ads for it over the next three days. You recommend a product to a friend and get a coupon for it in your inbox. Some consumers have even learned how to exploit these marketing tactics, intentionally putting items in their cart and abandoning it so they’ll get a discount. Hey, who wouldn’t want a discount?

But as consumers have learned to navigate and utilize modern marketing, many have also become frustrated because these seemingly “customized” offers actually don’t apply to them at all. After all, some of those ads are for products you glanced at but never had any real interest in – so they just become an annoyance. Sometimes consumers are deluged by ads for products in categories they don’t relate to at all. Many are frustrated at the lack of the personalization they’ve come to expect.

In fact, a recent McKinsey report found that 71 percent of consumers expect brands to deliver personalized interactions, while 76 percent express frustration when companies fall short of this goal. At the same time, brands that do succeed in personalization receive about 40 percent more revenue than those that perform about average at customization.

Consumers polled in the McKinsey report said that their top concerns included ease of navigation both in brick-and-mortar stores and online, receiving relevant product or service recommendations, messaging specific to their needs, and targeted promotions.

How Can Brands Improve Personalization?

This depends on your brand’s current situation, strategies, and budget. There are a wide variety of options, from adjusting retargeting strategies to harvesting more value from data gathered through email marketing, and many other alternatives tailored to your brand personality. You might benefit from a broad strategy like starting a conversation to seek user-generated content. Or you could learn from polling your customers or studying stats to figure out how effective your keywords are. Many insights come from a nuanced analysis of your current data, and a digital marketing company may just give you the new perspective you need on old numbers.

Too Much Technology

Don’t get us wrong – we love technology and all the ways it enables marketers to better communicate with customers. But we can’t deny that there are some challenges:

  • There is a lot of new technology all the time. Which ones are worth your time and money? It’s not realistic to learn and utilize all of them to figure out which ones work well for your brand, especially when something new will always be released soon.
  • The efficiency of an app or tool may change swiftly. What worked last month may be less effective than another tool this month.
  • You have a budget, and investing money in a tool that only produces results for a short period of time is not cost-efficient.
  • Most new technologies have a learning curve. Training can take time, and some tools only appear to be ineffective because the employees using them didn’t receive sufficient training.

How to Solve the Technology Dilemma

Seeking help from a digital marketing company is a great solution to this problem. Agencies have larger budgets for buying and trying new technology tools, and their staff members have diverse skill sets. By collaborating with an agency, you can access more tools than your own budget would allow, trying different options until you discover the best fit. The agency will also do much of the trial-and-error work for you and make recommendations suited to your company’s situation. They will continuously analyze what’s working and what isn’t, and in many cases, they can tell you why. This allows you to use technology in the most efficient way possible.

Increased Lead Generation and Conversions

It’s not uncommon for businesses to hit a wall in their growth. You may find that you haven’t made any changes, but your expansion isn’t going as fast as it was previously. Sometimes you need additional help or advice to bring in new leads, and a digital marketing company can help with that. Here are a few things we might consider to improve leads:

  • Adjust your SEO strategy, particularly adding new keywords and rotating the current ones to see which are most effective.
  • Increase your email marketing, adjust your copy, or start a newsletter if you don’t currently do much email marketing.
  • Audit your online presence, including social media, and identify opportunities, such as branching out into new platforms, adding paid ads and search if you don’t have them, or making changes to paid ads or search if you do.
  • Audit your website and make similar recommendations as needed.
  • Consider live events and networking that can tie into your online presence.
  • Discuss strategies for lead follow-up and nurturing, and improving conversions.


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A Need for More Help and Expertise, Not More Employees

You’ve probably wished you could hire more workers from time to time, and sometimes you can make that wish a reality. But frequently, it’s not in the budget. Many brands realize that securing a digital marketing agency to reduce the in-house workload is an economical solution. Additionally, an outside opinion may help clarify a particular challenge or enable you to see the situation in a new light.

What Role Will Your Digital Marketing Company Play in Your Brand Development?

A good digital marketing company should play as much or as little of a role as you currently need. They should be capable of assisting you with any of your marketing needs, from SEO to social media to PPC ad campaigns. But you may only need help in specific areas right now. Be cautious of any firm that insists on an all-or-nothing approach – there are many ways to begin working with an agency. If their representative says they have to handle everything for your company right away, they may not be a good fit.

Some brands start off using an agency for one campaign or aspect of their marketing strategy, but if things go well and they need more help, they may move on to other services. The benefit of a full-service digital marketing company is that they always have the ability to help you with additional needs.

An agency can also be used to fill a skills gap, if you need to branch out into an area where none of your staff are experts.

How to Interview a Digital Marketing Company

It’s important to get a grasp on the agency’s capabilities as well as whether or not your businesses could collaborate effectively. First, you should ask about the agency’s structure and communication. How many employees will you be working with for a given project? Who will be the point person? Will you address most of your concerns to them? How does the agency maintain organization and keep track of projects? Do they have collaborative tools to help everyone involved keep up with where they are?

If the person you’re talking to seems confused or unsure of who handles what, you may want to reconsider if they would be able to handle a tough project for your business.

Asking about the agency’s track record and results is also illuminating. They should be able to show you examples of projects they completed for businesses similar to yours in size and scope. Ask about their methods and how long it took to achieve results. It’s also a good idea to ask if there were any projects that didn’t work out as well, and what they learned from those.

How is Digital Delane Different?

We don’t believe in settling for “good enough.” Instead, we’re constantly striving to do more and achieve even better results for our clients. We always take a personal approach to analyzing your brand’s current situation and creating recommendations to help you reach your goals. If you’re interested in learning more about how a digital marketing company can help your brand, please contact us for a free consultation.

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