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Targeted Digital Advertising and Influencer Marketing: Igniting Online Buzz for Your Feature Film

In the cinematic landscape of the 21st century, the success of a feature film is often as dependent on its marketing campaign as it is on the content of the film itself. With the digital realm becoming the primary battleground for the attention and interest of audiences, filmmakers and producers must navigate the intricacies of online marketing strategies. Among these strategies, targeted digital advertising and influencer marketing stand out as potent tools for sparking online conversations and driving engagement for feature films. This article explores how leveraging these tools can catalyze discussions and create a buzz around new cinematic releases.

Understanding the Power of Targeted Digital Advertising

Understanding the Power of Targeted Digital AdvertisingIn the age of data-driven marketing, targeted digital advertising allows marketers to pinpoint specific audiences based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and more. This precision ensures that the promotional material for a feature film reaches those most likely to engage with its content.

Social Media Platforms as Launchpads

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are fertile ground for targeted ads. By using these platform’s exhaustive targeting options, marketers can tailor their campaigns to fit the exact profile of their intended viewership. For instance, a feature film with a strong appeal to a younger demographic might focus its efforts on Instagram and TikTok, utilizing the visual nature and the algorithmic propensity these platforms have towards trend-setting content.

Social Media Platforms as LaunchpadsMaximizing Relevance Through Data

Data analytics can offer insights into which trailers, clips, or promotional images resonate most with audiences. By analyzing click-through rates, engagement metrics, and conversion data, marketers can refine their advertising campaigns, making them more effective over time and ensuring that the most compelling content reaches potential viewers.

Retargeting for Continued Engagement

Retargeting campaigns help keep the film top-of-mind for individuals who have already shown interest. By serving ads to users who have visited the film’s website or engaged with its content online, marketers sustain the conversation and potentially convert initial curiosity into ticket sales or streaming views.

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Influencer Marketing: The Human Touch in the Digital Age

While targeted ads are efficient in reaching broad audiences, influencer marketing brings a human element into the promotional mix. Influencers, with their dedicated following and perceived authority, can authentically endorse a film, making their recommendations feel more personal and trustworthy.

Choosing the Right Influencers

Success in influencer marketing hinges on partnerships with the right personalities. For a feature film, this might mean collaborating with influencers who align with the film’s genre or themes. A science fiction film might partner with influencers in the tech sphere, while a romantic comedy could find a perfect match with lifestyle bloggers.

Authentic Storytelling

Authentic StorytellingInfluencers can share their genuine reactions to the film, host Q&A sessions with cast members, or take their followers behind the scenes. This personal storytelling can pique the curiosity of potential viewers, encouraging them to engage in discussions and share their anticipation with others.

Influencers as Amplifiers

In addition to their direct influence, influencers often trigger secondary waves of engagement. Fans and followers may create their own content in response to an influencer’s promotion, further expanding the reach of the film’s marketing efforts.

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Synergy Between Targeted Advertising and Influencer Marketing

The real magic happens when targeted digital advertising and influencer marketing work in tandem, creating a multilayered campaign that reaches audiences from multiple angles.


Influencer content can be promoted through targeted ads to extend its reach, while influencers can drive their followers to engage with the film’s ads or official social media profiles. This cross-promotion maximizes the strengths of both strategies.

Data-Driven Influencer Selection

Data-Driven Influencer SelectionBy leveraging the data from targeted ads, marketers can identify which demographics are responding most favorably to the film’s content. This insight allows for the optimal pairing of influencers with the segments of the audience that are most likely to engage.

Unified Messaging

A cohesive campaign ensures that the messaging from both targeted ads and influencers feels unified and consistent. This cohesive strategy reinforces the film’s brand and key messages, making them more memorable to the audience.

To illustrate the power of combining influencer marketing with digital advertising, let’s analyze a real-world example: The Lionsgate case study details how the film studio successfully leveraged these tactics to promote its titles.

Lionsgate Case Study

Lionsgate Case StudyDigital Delane was presented with the opportunity to create a buzz for the feature film “Repentance” by Lionsgate. Our directive was clear: devise a campaign that would elevate the film’s profile and ultimately boost box office sales. We chose a dual strategy, focusing on the precision of targeted digital advertising and the authenticity of influencer marketing.

By partnering with influencers whose followers overlapped with the movie’s target demographics, Lionsgate managed to create authentic conversations and anticipation around its releases. Here, we present a case study showcasing the successful strategies that propelled a Lionsgate feature film “Repentance” resulting in heightened brand awareness, significant engagement, and, ultimately, strong box office performances.


Our primary goal was to generate buzz and foster engagement for Lionsgate’s new feature film. We aimed to leverage the unique relationship between targeted digital advertising and influencer marketing to amplify the film’s visibility, stimulate online discussions, and drive anticipation ahead of its release.


The challenge was multifaceted: not only did we need to build awareness around “Repentance,” but we also sought to cultivate purchase intent and ignite online conversations about the film in a saturated media environment.

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Targeted Digital Advertising

We developed meticulously tailored digital advertising campaigns to reach potential audiences where they were most active. Our targeted approach included:

  • Niche Targeting: Implementing a Google Ads campaign focusing on websites and blogs popular within the African-American community, reflective of the film’s target demographic.
  • Digital/Social Media/ePR: Generating over 68 million impressions by targeting relevant broadcasts, journalists, print media, and digital outlets, from entertainment and arts to faith and politics, to maximize reach and secure key editorial placements.
  • Trailer Premiere Support: Coordinating a push after the Yahoo premiere to maximize exposure using client and celebrity networks, resulting in a significant view count and social media impressions. Our combined trailer push with Lionsgate’s Facebook pages generated over 3.3 million Facebook impressions and the trailer has received over 26.5k YouTube views!

Influencer Marketing

Influencer MarketingOur influencer marketing strategy harnessed the following key elements:

  • Strategic Influencer Partnerships: With 18 targeted influencers on board, our campaign focused on those with strong followings within communities relevant to the film’s thematic content.
  • Content Integration and Outreach: Influencers integrated editorial content naturally into their platforms, engaging audiences across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The substance and style of the messaging were crafted to be conducive to sharing and to stimulate discussions about “Repentance.”
  • Social Media Interaction: Encouraging two-way communication, our social media strategy centered around engaging the target audience in ways that built trust and fostered long-term relationships, aligning with the film’s themes and release schedule. Our combined social media reach was over 976,990, excluding Lionsgate social media, celebrity pages, reposts, shares, and retweets.



The results of our targeted campaign were a testament to the efficacy of our tailored approach:

  • Ad Impressions: Our digital ads garnered more than 3 million impressions, indicating a significant reach throughout the target audience.
  • Social Engagements: There were over 500k social engagements as a result of the campaign, showcasing the high level of audience interaction with the content.
  • Trailer Views: The influencer-shared content and supporting digital ads accumulated over 27k views on the film’s trailer, building considerable interest and anticipation for the film’s release.

Digital Delane’s strategic merging of influencer marketing and targeted digital advertising carved a path for Lionsgate’s feature film to capture the attention and imagination of a broad yet specific audience. The collaboration with influencers played a crucial role in achieving authenticity and relatability, while the targeted digital advertising efforts amplified reach and frequency, ensuring the film remained a hot topic in online circles.

This case study illustrates the power and precision of an integrated marketing approach. At Digital Delane, we’re proud of the results we achieved for Lionsgate and remain committed to pushing the boundaries to harness the full potential of digital marketing tools in today’s competitive entertainment landscape.


In conclusion, the synergy between targeted digital advertising and influencer marketing can be a potent force in sparking online conversations about a feature film. By combining the sophisticated reach of digital ads with the personal touch of influencer endorsements, film marketers can create an engaging and dynamic online presence that not only reaches a wide audience but also fosters meaningful interactions and excitement.

As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, so too must the strategies employed to capture and sustain the attention of moviegoers. Harnessing the power of these tools effectively can make all the difference in a film’s journey to success.

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