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20x Your Traffic Using Pinterest Easy Steps to Success!

Imagine tapping into a source where the audience is not just massive but also intent-driven and eager to discover new content that aligns with their interests. Contrary to popular perception, Pinterest surpasses being a mere collection of beautiful images. It’s a platform where a strategic pin can lead to a surge in website visits, where a well-optimized profile can become your primary source of organic traffic. According to a study by Sprout Social, Pinterest has been found to drive more referral traffic than any other social platform, making it an invaluable asset for those looking to boost their digital footprint.

But how can Pinterest, often misconceived as the go-to platform for recipes and DIY projects, become a robust traffic driver? The statistics speak for themselves. Not only does Pinterest have an enormous user base, but 87% of pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest, and 93% plan to do so. These numbers illustrate a clear picture. Pinterest users are ready to engage with content that can funnel them toward businesses and services they trust and value.

Understanding the Power of Pinterest for Traffic Generation

Pinterest stands out in the digital ecosystem as a platform that uniquely blends the attributes of a social network with the functionalities of a search engine. Unlike ephemeral content platforms, Pinterest is designed to facilitate the discovery of ideas, products, and content that users can save for later use. This unique characteristic makes it a potent tool for businesses and content creators aiming to drive long-term, consistent traffic to their websites.

Understanding the Power of Pinterest for Traffic GenerationThe backbone of Pinterest’s success in driving traffic lies in its visually appealing interface and how it encourages users to engage with this visual content. Users pin images and videos that link to websites, creating a direct pathway for traffic from the pin to the source. According to a study conducted by Tailwind, an average pin on Pinterest can drive up to two website visits and six pageviews, and it enjoys a significantly longer lifespan compared to posts on other social media platforms—about one week of engagement for the typical pin.

Moreover, Pinterest’s user base is known for its purchasing power. A survey by eMarketer indicated that Pinterest is more influential in U.S. social commerce than any other platform, with users 7x more likely to purchase products they’ve pinned. This presents a lucrative option for brands to connect with receptive and action-taking audiences.

Pinterest is Not Social Media; It’s a Search Engine

It’s crucial to understand that Pinterest functions more like Google than Facebook. Users treat Pinterest as a visual discovery tool, searching for ideas and inspirations ranging from DIY crafts to wedding planning, home decor, and fashion. Millions of searches are conducted daily, making Pinterest an essential platform for businesses looking to increase their visibility in search results. By approaching Pinterest with a search engine optimization (SEO) mindset, brands can significantly enhance their chances of being discovered by potential customers.

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3 Ways to 20x Your Traffic Using Pinterest

To truly harness the potential of Pinterest and possibly multiply your traffic by 20 times, follow these strategic methods:

3 Ways to 20x Your Traffic Using PinterestDon’t Reinvent the Reel

When it comes to creating content for Pinterest, efficiency is critical. Use what you already have, but optimize it for the platform. This means taking your top-performing content from other channels and repurposing it into eye-catching pins. For instance, turn snippets of your blog posts into infographics or use critical points from your webinars to create step-by-step guides. A study by HubSpot revealed that infographics are liked & shared on social media 3x more than any other type of content. You can reach a wider audience without extra resources by repurposing your content effectively.

Use keywords to Expand Reach

SEO is as crucial on Pinterest as it is on Google. To enhance your pin discoverability, sprinkle relevant keywords throughout your pin titles, descriptions, and profile information. Research shows that a well-optimized pin can rank in Pinterest search results for several months, driving continuous traffic. Use keywords that align closely with your target audience’s search intent. For instance, “summer wedding ideas” or “healthy meal prep recipes” can lead users to your pins and your website.

Use keywords to Expand ReachLet Your Pins Do the Heavy Lifting

The longevity of a pin is one of Pinterest’s most significant advantages. Unlike posts on other social platforms that quickly disappear from a user’s feed, a pin can circulate for years. To make the most of this, create relevant evergreen content that includes a clear call-to-action (CTA) towards your website. Remember, the best pins have high-quality images, minimal text, and a link back to a valuable resource on your site. By doing so, you’re providing content that has a long shelf life and continually directs traffic to your site.

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Pay Attention to the Power of the Pin

A single pin can be repinned thousands of times, reaching an exponential number of users. It’s reported that the average pin is repinned 11 times and can last for months on the platform, considerably longer than content on other social media sites. This virality aspect of pins can be a game-changer for driving traffic.

Pay Attention to the Power of the PinBy implementing these strategies, brands can see impressive returns on their Pinterest efforts. For example, a case study by Shopify found that referral visitors from Pinterest spend an average of $80 compared to Facebook’s $40.

Remember, success on Pinterest does not happen overnight. It requires consistency, patience, and a strategic approach. However, by considering Pinterest’s unique position as a search engine and following these tips, businesses can expand their reach, drive high-quality traffic, and multiply their website’s traffic by up to 20 times. So, pin it right, and let the power of Pinterest propel your digital growth.

How Professional Marketing Agencies Use Pinterest as a Strategic Approach: A Look at Digital Delane

Professional marketing agency harnesses Pinterest’s power through comprehensive, data-driven strategies crafted to meet clients’ needs. By recognizing Pinterest’s uniqueness as a platform capable of delivering substantial, qualified traffic, agencies such as Digital Delane deploy a nuanced approach that blends creativity with analytics.

How Professional Marketing Agencies Use Pinterest as a Strategic ApproachDigital Delane’s Strategic Approach on Pinterest

Digital Delane is a prime example of how a professional marketing agency can expertly navigate Pinterest’s intricacies to deliver measurable results. Focusing on crafting visually compelling content that resonates with the client’s target audience, Digital Delane understands that success on Pinterest is about more than just aesthetics—it’s about creating a strategic roadmap that combines brand narrative with user search intent.

Content Tailoring and Brand Positioning

Digital Delane’s first step is to understand the client’s brand identity and how it fits into Pinterest’s visual tapestry. They then tailor content specifically designed to stand out in Pinterest’s rich visual environment, ensuring that it not only catches the eye but also effectively communicates the brand’s message.

Content Tailoring and Brand PositioningSEO Optimization for Pins

Digital Delane approaches Pinterest with the precision of an SEO strategist. Knowing that Pinterest functions as a search engine, they meticulously optimize each pin and board with keywords that align with the client’s business and potential customers’ search terms. They also pay close attention to Pinterest’s trends and analytics, adjusting their strategies as needed to stay ahead of the curve.

Analytics and Performance Tracking

Performance tracking is a critical component of their strategy. Agencies like Digital Delane utilize Pinterest’s analytics to track which pins are performing well and why, thereby gaining insights into user engagement and content reach. This data informs their ongoing strategy and helps them refine their approach to maximize traffic generation.

Analytics and Performance TrackingLeveraging Rich Pins and Shopping Features

Digital Delane understands Pinterest’s e-commerce potential. It uses rich pins to deliver more context about an idea because they display additional information directly on a pin. For clients with products to sell, it capitalizes on Pinterest’s shopping features, which allow users to make purchases without ever leaving the platform, providing a seamless shopping experience.

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Cross-Channel Promotion

A sophisticated agency knows that an omnichannel presence is vital. Digital Delane often implements a strategy integrating Pinterest with other social media platforms, creating a cohesive brand presence and drawing users into an immersive brand experience across the digital space.

Cross-Channel PromotionBy following the strategic methodologies adopted by Digital Delane, businesses can unlock Pinterest’s potential and create a source of traffic that continues to grow and evolve with their brand. This is how agencies are not just using Pinterest but mastering it to 20x their clients’ traffic and cultivate an engaged and loyal online community.


Harnessing Pinterest can lead to a remarkable uptick in website traffic, and professional strategies like those employed by Digital Delane are pivotal in achieving this. By understanding Pinterest’s role as a powerful visual search engine, optimizing content with SEO in mind, and utilizing the long lifespan of pins, you can significantly increase your online visibility.

Take action today and unlock Pinterest’s full potential to drive organic traffic to your site. Contact Digital Delane now to maximize your presence on Pinterest and witness a significant boost in your traffic. Let’s work together to turn those pins into palpable results!

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