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Making Team Pride A Home Essential

Hype Co. (The Hype Company) is a footwear brand that specializes in branded sandals. They have licensing agreements with some of the most popular brands in the United States, with a large focus on college sports teams.


Hype Co. wanted to work with an agency to manage its core marketing efforts. Their core goals included revamping the brand’s social media, obtaining 30-40 more branding/merchandising licenses, and selling 250-500 products within the first quarter of our partnership.



Hype Co. wanted to have a closer relationship with its customers, offering a more personalized and passion-driven brand experience. Many of the schools and establishments that Hype Co. obtained licenses for either did not offer such products or did not have the style and variety that Hype offered, giving our agency a chance to position the Hype brand as a gap-filler.


During the discovery phase of the project, our team established that Hype Co. needed their paid media campaigns to be optimized by experts and that their content creation process would need to be streamlined if they wanted to maintain a consistent output cadence.

Key Issues Summary

  • • Low-performing paid media campaigns
  • • No graphic design process implemented
  • • No multi-channel strategy

Our team worked countless hours to understand these key issues and find/create sustainable solutions that aligned with the resources, capabilities, and capacities of both teams.


Optimization & Content Creation

Paid Media

Our team created an in-depth paid media strategy that broke down each campaign and outlined the specific details such as the various ad copy options that would be pitched for each target market based on their position in the marketing funnel. The initial wave of ads was focused on increasing the sales of their flagship products, stemming from the schools with the most conversions. This tactic was an effort to get a sprint and build momentum for the goal of reaching a minimum of 250 sales that quarter.

Additional ads were created and launched to create more traffic and conversions for the less popular products in an effort to clear out slow-moving products and make room for the newly-licensed product lines.

Social Media

Beginning with quick yet thorough planning/preparation, our team planned out a dynamic ongoing social content calendar to serve as a guide for both teams, breaking down the content based on key dates relating to launches, events, and milestones as well as labeling content based on channel and theme/content pillar.

With the content calendar established, we mapped out our inbound and outbound engagement tactics that were to play into each respective algorithm’s favor, making sure that our outbound engagement was hyper-targeted and consistent in efforts to increase visibility in the relevant corners of each platform. Performance was monitored on a daily basis during engagement sessions, then reported during weekly check-ins.

Hype Co. needed assistance with using their current product photography for more dynamic social media graphics and visuals, which our graphic design team drafted and then used for ongoing social media content once the drafts were approved.

Influencer Marketing

We created an influencer marketing campaign strategy for Hype Co., conducting influencer and creator research and presenting a list comprised of the individuals that we believed to have the most influence on the key personas that Hype wanted to target. These creators were hand-picked to market Hype Co.’s highest-performing product lines to their appropriate audience (based on location and affiliation to specific universities).

The influencers had to share the same values as the brand and its audience, as well as create the kind of content that aligned with those values and also showcased the products in the right way.

Our Results

Influencers Engaged
Increase in Sales
Increase in Engagement
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