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SEO For Kids Smartwatch Brand

Learn how we helped COSMO improve its search engine rankings


COSMO is a kid’s smartwatch company that develops wearable devices that focus on keeping children safe in an ever-increasing digitally connected world. COSMO provides its customers a solution for staying in contact with their kids while preventing contact with unwanted parties that shouldn’t be.

Taking only the most essential and impactful features from a smartphone while keeping out the features kids aren’t ready for.

Here’s an account of how we effectively utilized our advanced SEO methods. This allowed us to bring an essential product to customers who were already actively looking for it, demonstrating our commitment to reaching and serving our customers.



Digital Delane took on the development of COSMO’s search engine optimization efforts across all aspects to ensure a full-scale and highly comprehensive approach to increasing their search engine visibility. One of the main challenges for us was operating in a market that is still very up and coming where not much research can be done in regard to what’s already been done in the past in this industry.

In order to make COSMO appear more frequently in searches, it was important for us to understand the mind of a parent looking for a solution that didn’t involve purchasing a fully-fledged smartphone for their children and thereby connecting them to the internet.

Having an accurate understanding of the buyer persona with a product like this was paramount.


During the onboarding process, we uncovered many key issues we needed to enhance or change in order to increase overall rankings.

Key Issues Summary

  • • Using higher value keywords in our on-page efforts to better capture the right audience
  • • Understanding the core thought process behind potential customer’s search intentions
  • • Maintaining the correct brand voice in SEO content meant to rank highly in Google
  • • Connecting the website together through proper inner linking using high-value keywords as anchor

By implementing changes to these important ranking elements we were able to give Google a much clearer vision of where COSMO should reside in the rankings.


Solution - On-page Optimization

By leveraging the pre-established framework COSMO had in place, we were effectively able to optimize crucial areas where keywords can garner visibility on Google.

Significant changes like these can greatly benefit websites aiming to boost their rankings. By developing a keyword map for COSMO we were smoothly able to make the changes on their pages with little to no conflict.

Having a clear line of communication of what needed to be changed on-page in order to achieve higher rankings allowed us to know what we do and don’t have access to. Ensuring that keywords are strategically placed in on-page areas such as headers and titles becomes crucial.

Graph displaying views and clicks on a dashboard.
SEO Off Page Optimization

Although these tasks may seem hidden, they are equally significant in importance to on-page modifications. COSMO required a balance of technical knowledge about the product and what parents need to hear.

By explaining the technology and features in a way that everyone can understand, we reached a larger audience.

Understanding the product inside out is absolutely essential for off-page optimization. It empowers us to flawlessly optimize meta descriptions, search engine titles, alt tags, and all the other crucial elements. Through regular meetings with the client we had a very good understanding of COSMO’s product and vision.

Graph displaying views and clicks on a dashboard.
Solution - Inner Link

COSMO had some interesting challenges for us being that it’s a technology with unique features. Linking different sections of the website improves navigation for both visitors and Google’s crawlers (bots).

When doing SEO, remember that you are creating content for website visitors and for Google’s robots that rank your website.

By linking relevant and accurate information from one section of the website to another, it’s easier for people to understand what COSMO is about and find it.

Graph displaying views and clicks on a dashboard.
Solution - Backlink

Backlinking is used for various purposes, but the main goal we aim for is to increase visibility in search engine results.

By reaching out to relevant businesses and organizations, we can increase the strength of our links that point to COSMO.

Such links might include blogs about new and exciting technology and gadgets, but uniquely for COSMO, parenting blogs are just as relevant. Being that COSMO is solving a problem primarily for parents relating to modern issues that deal with being connected with their kids.

Graph displaying views and clicks on a dashboard.
Seo Optimized content development

Content is one of the strongest vehicles for keywords and getting specific pages higher in the rankings. Having a well-structured blog is a massive step for SEO.

Developing content for COSMO meant having a good understanding of the types of problems that parents face every day.

We had to think about where your child is, who they’re talking to, and who they’re not talking to in order to run our campaign effectively. Parents looking for solutions to these issues often find themselves on COSMO’s pages, where a solution is just a few clicks away.

Graph displaying views and clicks on a dashboard.

Our Results

Increased users in a span of 8 months
Targeted keywords ranking increased
increase in website sessions in only 8 months

Through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy encompassing paid media, SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing, Earth’s Dew successfully enhanced its brand presence, boosted online sales, and engaged its target audience. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of tailored digital marketing efforts in the cannabis industry.

For further details on our approach and to discuss how we can help your brand achieve similar results, please feel free to contact us.

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