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Berkeley Country Club

See how we implemented our digital-first strategy to bring more members and activities.

Established in the early 1920’s as the Berkeley Country Club, Berkeley Country Club strives to provide a premiere golfing and social experience to its members by offering excellent course conditions, practice facilities, and social amenities. The setting affords visitors spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay and its surroundings.

Here’s how we implemented our digital-first strategy to bring more members and activities to the club…


Digital Strategy
Social Media
Brand Strategy
Paid Social
Paid Search Strategy
Analytics & Optimization


The goal was to increase visibility of the Berkeley Country Club’s brand across owned, earned and paid media so that we become a prominent golfing and event destination in the Bay Area. To do so, we must help them revise their digital branding efforts to target and attract a younger, more diverse audience.


We reviewed current performance based on sales reporting, review of KPIs and customer demand within the marketplace to discover opportunities to enhance their digital presence and meet their business goals.
There were three primary challenges, and all four must be addressed to accomplish their goals which include:

  1. Brand: Take a 100-year brand and transform it to one that appeals to today’s members.
  2. Reach: Opportunities to improve leads and consideration by investing in structured content marketing & digital ads. 
  3. Conversion: Develop a robust digital marketing CRM with a layer of analytic reporting.


Drive awareness on Berkeley Country Club’s membership benefits and other club services
Increase membership conversions of potential club members through social engagement and ads.
Establish a communication strategy to relevant communities and demographics



our team has outlined a proposed set of deliverables, an order of operations, division of labor, and expected dates of completion to ensure the partnership between agency and client is successful.

The goal of developing a new digital strategy was to evolve Berkeley Country Club’s digital marketing to become a revenue engine.

We did this by focusing on establishing marketing activity measurement and ROI mindset. Aligning marketing budget and activities with business objectives and closing sales gaps and planning for seasonal trends.

We also focused on how to infuse digital branding into their sales process by exploring ways to streamline sales processes and conversions. We also developed a process to use digital platforms for lead acquisition.



To have an effective social media presence, we focused on tailoring communications to speak directly to those personas. The social media communication objective was to:

  • Drive awareness on Berkeley Country Club’s membership benefits and other club services
  • Increase membership conversions of potential club members through social engagement and ads.
  • Establish communication strategy to relevant communities and demographics

Our social media communication was centered around four things:

  1. 1. The need for community, recreation, family time and slowing down
  2. 2. The Berkeley County Club’s facilities and why it is the place to have your next corporate event, wedding reception or banquet.
  3. 3. Club Life or BCC members’ benefits, what it feels like being a member: benefits, packages, experiences
  4. 4. Berkeley Country Club’s promotions, events, upgrades and announcements


We’ve developed a paid search campaign which featured two valuable offers that include:

Wedding Budget Calculator

Calculate the costs for a dream wedding today with a free, simple online Wedding Budget Calculator. 


Wedding Planning Guide

FREE Wedding Planning Guide to make sure the prospect’s wedding day is exceptional.



One of the many paid social campaigns featured Facebook Ads created with the purpose of driving brand awareness and traffic to the website.

  1. 1. Awareness Campaign – this was used to deliver frequent brand impressions to the target audience. This was done to introduce Berkeley Country Club to a new audience on Facebook & Instagram.
  2. 2. Traffic Campaign – this was used to deliver ads with the purpose of visiting the website for specific events/activities. Multiple ads were created in order to test which events/activities attracted the target audience on Facebook & Instagram.


We helped the client define the most important metrics for their digital brand. Then we collated their marketing data and provided always-on, cross-channel marketing intelligence by creating comprehensive, intuitive dashboards highlighting this data to share with stakeholders.

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