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Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Customer Experience for Cali K9


Cali K9 is a leading organization in the pet industry offering a wide range of services like dog training, day camps, protection dog training and sales, dog equipment, apparel, dog food, and treats. They also provide online dog training and mentorship programs.

Key to their approach is a five-pillar system comprising obedience, socialization, agility behavior management, and problem-solving. This effectively addresses aggressive, impulsive, and anxious behaviors in dogs. Their most profitable service is their “Board and Train” program and business mentorship.



The primary challenge was to overcome inefficiencies in Cali K9’s business operations, specifically their onboarding process for the board-and-train package. Their existing tools and software were ineffective, causing communication issues and a lack of clarity around subscriptions, memberships, and packages. They needed to consolidate and streamline their workflow, improving the customer experience while driving operational efficiency.


Our team held in-depth discussions with Cali K9, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their business model and challenges. We identified a critical need to clarify the intersection of subscriptions, memberships, and packages, and to streamline the entire business operations. The findings made it evident that Cali K9 required digital solutions to enhance communication, automate processes, and reduce friction for clients during onboarding

Our Intervention

Digital Delane provided a comprehensive suite of services to Cali K9, essential in automating and streamlining the business processes.


We conducted an in-depth brand strategy workshop designed to align the client’s operations with their brand values and vision. This allowed us to propose a strategy that would automate all the business operations.

Business Workflow

We created a comprehensive business workflow that detailed all the messages and follow-ups that customers would receive based on their service choices. The workflow also considered the different service tiers.

Creative Service

Our creative team worked closely with Cali K9 to design all the necessary creatives. This collaboration ensured the aesthetics matched the brand’s image and messaging.


We leveraged our CRM service to implement the established workflow. We set up a system that would make sure customers received the appropriate messages at the right time.

Website Design

We integrated the workflow with Upsurge CRM through our website design service. This allowed Cali K9 to automate its entire process, replacing the need for various onboarding processes and communication tools such as Zoom, Clavio, and GoDaddy.


By partnering with Digital Delane, Cali K9 can now enjoy a more streamlined and automated approach to their business operations. The implemented strategies not only tie in with the brand’s vision and values but also serve to enhance the customer experience. With the creative designs, workflows, and CRM implemented, Cali K9 can focus on what they do best – providing top-notch services to their clients.


The results were transformative for Cali K9. Our efforts led to an efficient and streamlined onboarding process for their board-and-train package, an enhanced customer experience, and significant savings by removing unnecessary tools and services.

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