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Expanding The Reach For Energy Education

Digital Delane partnered with the Center for Energy Education (C4EE) to bring success in their quest to educate the local community on renewable energy and inspire them to get involved.


C4EE is a nonprofit organization and a center for renewable energy research, industry innovation, and workforce development, which combine to demonstrate excellence in renewable energy and create economic growth. They have offices in North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.



The C4EE team needed a plan and visual guidelines for their social media in order to achieve their goal of creating and distributing consistent content that would increase brand awareness of their organization and spark interest in the different activities and programs that they offer. They had the topical knowledge but did not have the resources or expertise to use their knowledge of renewable energy and draw attention through social media channels.


During our audit and strategy phase, our agency team discovered that there was a lot of content around renewable energy being shared on the target channels that C4EE had, however, the content was not actionable and did not cater to local communities or had direct ties to organizations that were active in the industry.

Key Issues Summary

  • • C4EE needed social media brand templates for a consistent branded aesthetic
  • • The organization’s accounts needed to be more active with outbound engagement, targeting relevant accounts within their geographic location
  • • A consistent content calendar needed to be created in order to keep the social media scheduling on track


Graphic Design

Our expert graphic designers designed several theme-specific social media templates that would streamline content creation and even content ideation. These templates catered to content such as FAQs and quiz posts to video walkthroughs that provided insight into what happens at the C4EE locations and the importance of the work that they do.

C4EE theme-specific social media templates

Social Media

In addition to social media graphics, we created a social media plan for the organization that outlined what, when, where, and even why we were posting on social media. C4EE’s goals were simple – to educate, inspire, and empower local community members regarding everything renewable energy, with a focus on solar energy since the organization was directly related to a solar farming company.

We used a consistent mix of content themes to keep the audience engaged and instill curiosity about how renewable energy works and the benefits of implementing it as well as the possible career opportunities that C4EE can help train and mentor for.

C4EE social media promotion post creation

Our Results

Increase in Engagements
Increase in Impressions
Increase in Site Traffic
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