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Accelerating Political Reach: Shaping Brand Identity and Automating Outreach

From Grassroots to Spotlight: Crafting Lamar Lyon’s Political Campaign for California State Senate


Lamar Lyons, a successful financial expert, embarked on the challenging journey of running for the State Senate. His vision was to create a brighter future for his community, with emphases on economic development and homelessness.



The campaign’s primary challenge was to streamline each process to maximize outreach and personalize contact points through our CRM technologies. However, the initial challenges involved building Lamar’s brand from scratch and articulating his mission into workable political messages.


We boiled down Lamar’s comprehensive mission through in-depth workshops, leading to three key issue-points:

Key Issues Summary

  • • job creation,
  • • fighting pollution,
  • • and advancing transportation technologies.

Establishing his brand identity and online presence was our next big step towards effective voter outreach.


Building Lamar’s Brand and Automating the Outreach

Building Lamar’s Brand

We developed a formidable, authentic brand aligned with Lamar’s ideals. This brand identity laid the foundation for a competitive website and vibrant social media profiles, effectively reflecting his vision and values.

A hand holding a sign with a picture of a man and a campaign poster, symbolizing political support.

Social Media Management

We posted regularly on social media, handled comments, and monitored competitors’ mentions and activities. Through active engagement, we ensured Lamar was always part of the conversation.

Strategy and Creative

We provided a detailed roadmap of activities, defining when and how to execute initiatives for maximum impact. Our creative team developed striking visuals that reinforced Lamar’s brand identity across all promotions.

Web Development

Our team built a compelling, user-friendly political website from scratch, offering visitors a comprehensive understanding of Lamar’s mission, key issues, and campaign progress.


Automating the Outreach

We maximized voter contact through a cold-calling outreach campaign, powered by advanced CRM technologies. Regular email updates to registered voters complemented this strategy, further amplifying Lamar’s presence in the community.


We conducted regular, detailed reviews with Lamar about the campaign’s progress and the effectiveness of the strategies adopted. These insights guided us in tweaking our approaches for improved outcomes.

Our Results

While we met several obstacles associated with political regulations and complexities, including email flagging as spam and scheduling hitches in the automation system, they offered valuable learning experiences.

The campaign faced low fund-raising income, which impacted the planned social media advertising. Despite these challenges, we succeeded in creating a robust brand identity for Lamar and an automated outreach system that left a lasting impression on the community.


Despite not winning the State Senate seat, we firmly believe that the brand and infrastructure created for Lamar through this campaign will serve as a powerful springboard for his future political endeavors. The experience has indeed equipped us with valuable insights to refine our strategies for similar ventures in the future.

Lamar’s campaign had setbacks but also showcased the power of a strong brand and an automated outreach campaign. It’s a testament to his resilience and dedication that he continues to be a vocal advocate for his key issues. We are proud to have partnered with Lamar Lyons on this journey.

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